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Vertigem Azul, a pioneer company in the observation of the dolphins of the Sado estuary celebrated its 21 years of existence in 2019.

Partners Maria João Fonseca and Pedro Narra special interest for the community of dolphins resident in Sado, were the grounds for the creation , in May 1998, of nature tourism company Vertigem Azul. Since then, Vertigem Azul has taken on a mission to contribute to the monitoring of the population of Sado Dolphins, a unique population considered of enormous importance and urgent to protect, as well as to protect and contribute to the development of quality tourist activities, integrated in full harmony and contact with the surrounding nature and the commitment to act in a sustainable way.


2019. Portugal National Award - Expresso_BPI, Best touristic Service

2017 / 2018 / 2019. Blue Flag of Europe

2018 . City of Setúbal, medal of honour in Tourism

2014 . Best touristic animation company - Turismo do Alentejo

2011 . Best touristic operator in Lisbon and Tagus valley region

2007 . Public recognition for rendered services - Prémio Costa Azul

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